Behind the Reviews

Kenzie WinterShilo is a lover of books, cupcakes, and MMORPGs. Although her future career plans involve world domination, she currently spends her days slinging out coffee and ice cream to the masses. She loves to read dystopian and science fiction stories, especially anything involving organ repossession. She’s typically connected to the internet at all times, so you can be assured she’s always monitoring you. Don’t look around – just accept it.
Sarah is a Nerd in every sense of the word, spending most of her time reading and eating. As a skyentist in training, her bookshelf tends to be a science fiction heaven, though this doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy some non-fiction from time to time! When she’d not reading, Sarah enjoys crafting and writing. She also works on answering science questions for kids. But don’t let her science side fool you – she’s just as crazy as they come.

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