New Year Readsolutions

Happy new year, Readers! Here at Readcommendations, we’re excited to start 2015 with reading resolutions and challenges for ourselves… and for you, if you’re up for them!

Sarah’s Readsolutions

As with last year, and every year, I want to read a hundred books! Sometimes that’s more feasible than others, but it’s a good excuse to read and just keep reading. It also stops me from wasting my time on too much television… yet it’s terrible for someone with a knitting habit like mine. (Le sigh).

But I want to spice it up this year! I’ll be following Popsugar’s reading list, which I think will be a whole lot of fun. It’s incredibly complete, and I’m sure there will be books on there that I will put off for a long, long time… what a great excuse to grab something I wouldn’t usually read.

However, this inspired me to issue my own challenge, to all of you – Book Bingo, a challenge like the one issues by Popsugar, but it changes month to month, and it works just like a bingo card. I’ll be posting the rules on our readcommendations tumblr blog. Pick up your bingo card here, at Imgur. This one is just January’s, February’s will be different!

I will also be following a January book photography challenge. Please follow our Tumblr to learn more about this! We post mini reviews and photos multiple times per week, and it is there that we will issue the first book bingo challenge.

I just bought 15 new books using my christmas money – as soon as they get here (I’m in France, so it could be as late as next month) I’ll get cracking at reading and reviewing. I am so excited to get to reading them! I picked out a few autobiographies that I’ve been dying to read (Amy Poeler and Tina Fey, wut wut!) as well as a lot of YA, Sci Fi, and a few classics… I’ll post my haul on the tumblr when they get here.

Kenzie’s Readsolutions

I always swear to keep track of what books I’ve read each year, since I always vow to complete at least fifty-two. I was a lot better about this in 2013; I know I read a lot in 2014, but most of it never ended up being put into my tracker. For 2015, I still want to read at least a book each week, but I really want to pressure myself into using the tracker.

Along with that, I’ll also be attempting PopSugar’s reading list. Every time I post a review with a book that completes a task, I’ll be sure to point it out.

Finally, I really want to use my local library more. I currently have a stack of books that was due back last week — eek! — but it tends to be hard to find time when the library is open and I have access to the car. I’m going to make a better attempt to be on top of that and visit at least twice a month. No more outrageous bookstore purchases; I need that money to use on yarn. 😉

Thank you so much for following this blog as we take our first steps onto the internet. Please help use make 2015 the best book year ever! Happy New year!

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