Introducing BookCrafting

Here at Readcommendations, we don’t just love books. We love crafting. Whether it be knitting, painting, or cross-stitching, we’re into it and probably making a mess. It only makes sense to mix our love of books with our crafts (as long as we keep the paint away from the lovely pages).

Occasionally, we’re going to be making posts that fuse this love of crafts with this love of reading. Whether it be knitting, crocheting, or even embroidery, or other cool crafts we haven’t yet thought about, we’ll be sharing these fun quirky patterns right here on readcommendations. They’ll be here when you least expect them, so get ready!

You may already know that we’re very geeky crafters. Kenzie has just recently made this awesome Harry Potter vase, and Sarah has made an (albeit small) name for herself with her Night Vale Bookmarks . We both love to design things, and we’re so excited to share this love with our readers!

One of the BookCrafts we’re going to be posting is an ongoing project: The Kniterary Afghan. It’s inspired by the brilliant Geek-A-Long blanket from Lattes and Llamas. All of the blocks for this blanket will be covers of books we’ve loved and likely reviewed here on Readcommendations. Unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to post a new one each week, but we will provide the patterns for each cover we knit.

This will be our Master Project here on Readcommendations, for now, so many of our crafty posts will include charted versions of your favorite book covers. Please feel free to add your own! We’ll happily share your designs on our tumblr, and we’ll post the finished pieces here, with your credit, of course.

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