Anatomy of Publishing

This is a bit of a break in the mold for Readcommendations, but certainly something we didn’t want our readers to miss. We know a lot of our readers aren’t only out there devouring books like us; they’re writing too. They’re plotting, researching, and having word-wars over Twitter and Tumblr.

While social media is amazing, I’ve always wanted to be able to go on a writing retreat. Just a few days in tranquility with no adorable pictures of cats to stop me from writing and other writers there to encourage. This year, I’ve heard of some great writing retreats happening, but one of my favorites has to be the Anatomy of Publishing retreat.

Anatomy of Publishing is being run by Courtney Stevens (Faking Normal, Blue-Haired Boy, Lies About Truth) and she’s written a better post than I could on her blog about this. Other awesome authors are going to be helping out, too, including Natalie Parker, Tessa Gratton, and Victoria Schwab.

The retreat focuses on making you a more confident writer with better tools, as well as discussions on how to market your book after the publication process is done. 

Court is running a contest this week for people checking out the retreat. The prizes are phenomenal!

3- $300 coupons to this Madcap Retreat:

1- 50 page manuscript critique by me (Courtney C. Stevens)

3- signed copies of Faking Normal

1- ARC of The Lies About Truth

5 – electronic copies of The Blue Haired Boy

Despite how much I want to, I can’t go to this retreat this Summer. I need you guys to go and then tell me all about it, so I can sit here and burn in a jealous rage — I mean, I’ll be happy for you, but still totally jealous.

Check it out, apply, and write awesome books that I can review on here.

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