5 Tips for Finishing NaNoWriMo With a Bang

I don’t know about you, but NaNoWriMo is one of my favorite events of the year, right after Halloween, of course (both literally and figuratively!). It’s an amazing opportunity, not only to put pen to paper and pour your novel from your mind, but also to meet great people, accomplish great feats, and learn some things you probably never wanted to know (it’s novel research, I’m not actually trying to hide a body…)

But for some, the energy fizzles out. You lose steam, and the finish line seems further and further away. Whether you have five thousand words to go, or thirty thousand, there’s still a way to reach that coveted 50K! Here’s some advise I wish I had my first year of NaNo.

  1. Make time. When you feel like there’s too much in your life to write right now, it’s time to carve out a little writing nook anyways. It’ll help you release some stress, and help you focus on something other than the rush of the world. Personally, I find it therapeutic, and making time for Nano is well worth it.
  2. Are you losing steam because you’ve stopped believing in your novel? Trust me, you’re probably thinking that because you’re too close! Too predictable of a plot? Of course you can predict it, you’re writing it! Are the characters feeling too cliché? It’s possible it’s because you know them too well. Don’t stop because you don’t think your novel is worth it: get it out there, and worry about that stuff later.
  3. Are you worrying about writer’s butt? Here’s a fun solution: ODS (obligatory dance songs!). Pick ten songs that make you want to dance, and put them in your writing mix. The second one comes on, you have to drop everything and dance your heart out. Not only will you have a good workout, and time away from the screen, but the blood flowing will help you have fresher ideas.
  4.  Are you stuck trying to get a character from one story point to another? Then, skip it, and worry about that in December. Right now, you want to get your story out. Don’t get held back by the small things.
  5. Do you have serious writer’s block? Then take a walk. Drink some tea. Talk to some friends. Play with the family pet. Do something to get you out of that ‘writer’ hat… BUT you have to promise to yourself that you’re coming back. Assign a time. When you get back, write what comes to you first. Try the prompts on the NaNoWriMo twitter.

You can do it! So long as you make sure to try, then you can reach that 50K. Even if half of it isn’t perfect, who cares? It’s the first draft. Editing comes next, and that will give you so much more to do anyways!

You can do it!

You can reach that 50K!



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