Tomoiya’s Story: Escape To Darkness

by C.A. King
Reviewed by SA

Hello bookworms! Sorry there hasn’t been a book review this week yet. Things have been a little hectic on my end of the woods. It involves quantum walks and a pretty annoying flu. But I’ll spare you the details. So, this Saturday, I bring you a short review, for a short book I’m sure you’ll enjoy.


Taken captive on her wedding day by poachers, Allaynie is subjected to abuse by their leader, Woden. Greed is merely good business to the man and hunting is his trade. He’ll do anything to collect her unique tears for profit, even chase her into darkness.

King is starting a series, and this short book acts as the hook to draw you in. It establishes the rules of her universe, and quite a fantastic myth: how a kind race of talented people could become the refilled and terrible Vampires we know today.

Oh. Did I mention this was Sci-Fi? And that Allaynie is a VAMPIRE SPACE PRINCESS?

The author crafts a brilliantly creative universe, where space travel is common, and vampires are still unknown. She creates a compelling tale which would explain why we see them as we do, as blood sucking demons, when in fact they race is – usually – kind and gentle. How one man’s greed and lies spiral out of control and create a fiction that has persisted for millennia.

It’s a short read, and a bit like a fairy tale. It’s easily a story you could tell around a campfire. It sets the ground rules for the rest of the series, a bit like a cross between a prequel and a prologue – and makes me very excited for what’s coming next.

While the science made me cringe (Astrophysicist here, yipes) this is definitely a fun novella. I believe it can be read as a standalone, and that the series itself will explore, well, Tomoiya’s story, a golden Vampire like Allaynie who’s traveling to a school where she will be safe from the hate towards her race. In any case, I’m looking forward to more!

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