The 10 covers, 10 hours challenge (that sort of evolved)

I’ve always wanted to do my own take on the “30 days, 30 covers” awesomeness from the Office of Letters and Light. Though during NaNoWriMo, I barely have enough time for writing, let alone designing!

Just having had my wisdom teeth pulled out, I can’t really go anywhere or do anything. I just wanted to get started on my NaNo novel soooooo baaaad. I needed a distraction! So today I offered to make 10 covers for those who asked politely. They were all made in the thumbnail size that Nano’s website requires, so they are not large enough to print. Only big enough to enjoy.

I had so much fun, I ended up doing 15.

I had so much fun doing them all! I want to do more! If I get the chance, I would love to do the full res of each of these.

Overall, I’m happy with the challenge. Now that it’s over, I have many more ideas for how I could improve almost every cover. But it was just a fun way to spend the day stuck in bed.

Good luck for NaNoWrimo, everyone!



Update – I kept going. Here’s day two!


Thanks to everyone who gave me a chance to do this. I’m super happy.

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